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Scentsual Japanese Incense + Ceramic Holder - Bitter Pink Ginger

A delightful range of Japanese Incense, inspired by the multi-coloured bark of the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree.

'Pink' Ginger is very young Ginger roots (the roots lose this colour with age). In Japan, this is marinated in a sugar & vinegar solution and served as a palate-cleansing pickled vegetable with Sushi. Cleanse your space and uplift your mood with this refreshing aroma.

100% Natural Fragrance oils and packaging made with recycled paper

Each box contains 30 Japanese Incense sticks

Each pack includes a small ceramic Incense stick holder

The stick is approx. 120mm or approx. 4.75 inches long

Burn time is approx. 25 minutes each

Zero colourants used and the aromatic ingredient is 100% Fragrance Oil

All packaging materials are sourced from recycled paper

Box dimensions: approx. 136mm L by 28mm W by 20mmD

The gross weight of the box is approx. 23 grams

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