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D.A.Y Surprise Gift Box - £120.00


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Who doesn’t like surprises?! Treat yourself or that special someone who deserves a bit of love and cheer during these times.  

The surprise gift box will be full of D.A.Y goodies, you just need to select the amount from the various options and we will follow-up with you to discuss next steps. We are happy to tailor the boxes to your requirements or you can leave the selection entirely up to us. 

The perfect way to brighten up someone’s week or just your own!

How to order:

Choose the amount from the various options and check-out with your details. If you are just buying a gift box and it is being sent to someone from another household you can include their details in the shipping section. But if you are also buying an item for yourself as well as the gift box, please use your details and we can sort out the gift box shipping details via email. 

We will get in touch with you once the order has been received, to organise the box, add a special note and confirm to whom and where we will be delivering to. 


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