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Crystal Hoops - Gold Quartz

In ancient times, Rose Quartz was used as a love symbol. Today it is still an important talisman to restore harmony and truth in relationships but also with yourself. It is the Universal Love Crystal and it is related to the Heart Chakra. It carries the loving and nurturing characteristics of the feminine energy, allowing one to connect with the beauty of life, nature and people.  

These are one of a kind Crystal hoops made with a natural Rose Quartz with  Gold vermeil. 

~Gold vermeil is a high-quality form of gold plating in which a thick layer of gold (10 microns of 18k gold) is coated upon sterling silver.

~The Gold Vermeil earrings are the Sleepers hoops and its measurements are 1 mm thick and 20 mm of diameter

~Please note that every earring is made from a natural Rose Quartz, so the colour can slightly vary

~Every earring comes in an organic cotton pouch and a plantable box that has mustard seeds inside to reduce our waste. 


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